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Photo Booth Rental Company Dubai | Photo Booth Dubai | Photo Booth on Rent | Photo Booth Rental Dubai

Photo Booth Rental Company Dubai – Photo Booth Dubai | Photo Booth Rental Dubai | Photo booth on Rent | Photo Booth Companies Dubai | Augmented Reality Photo Booth | Photo Booth For Events. Photo booth is automated machines that usually have coin-operated, camera and film processor. Photo booth is mainly used for taking photos digitally. We have multiple photo booth rental options in dubai, UAE that are in demand. It will surely give smile on your face as well as make each moment memorable, because we know every single photograph is not just a piece of paper its a cherishing memories which will never come back again. So make your life events unforgettable with Dubaiphotobooth.ae and hire our photo booth rental Dubai available for all beautiful events either its small or big, as we are able to capture all precious memoirs of your life such as:

  • Weddings
  • Birthday parties
  • Business conferences
  • Corporate events
  • Prom Night
  • House warming parties
  • Special Occasions

Parties and events can get a little dreary at times if you just have the same old clip features. An event goer needs to take something to reduce all their tension and it’s well known that smiling reduces stress.  So, why not opt for photo booth on rent. German psychologists also showed that by clicking images one could reduce their anxiety and stress. Peoples moods lighten up by clicking the images of funny faces, the funny props and having your picture taken, smiling, being free and whimsical. Additionally, doing the things that make you happy including hugs, positive social interaction alleviates the stress. Grabbing someone or going in for a group hug in front of the photo booth camera will lower the strain. Why wait for more and think more about various photo booths on rent? Just visit Dubaiphotobooth.ae today and get the best quote for photo booth rental for your next live event.

Photo booth Dubai will boost a lot of energy and excitement to every special occasion. We, at Dubai photo booth for events, make sure a full list of different type of photo booth was available to find a perfect style of venue you have booked. People waiting for the ceremony to begin, starts reducing their tension instead of letting it build. By the time the event starts, the air is filled with goodwill. And when tensions begin to rise again, we, the Dubai photo booth rental company will be right there enticing people into silliness, laughs, cuteness and fun which will remove worry, stress and anger. It’s thing like these that can really turn up the energy at your event and make the night memorable for everyone present.

We are creating a memory book that lasts a lifetime. The memory book we compile will be your reminder forever of happy times shared with your loved ones.  The most important tool is the mentality that you offer along with the photo booth.  As it is meant for the people that drive these photo booth on rent and it is you who shall drive yours.

We are family run photo booth rental business in Dubai. We work closely with every client and make sure every event is unique, unforgettable and meaningful. As you can see from our photo booth Gallery, each and every design has a personal touch to it. We will strive to be the best and will offer special personalized packages that will impress your guests. Our photo booth rental company dubai have different types of photo booth rental options according to events mentioned below:

360 Photo Booth

We, at 360° photo booth clicks a photo from multiple angles concurrently, mending them together and giving the impression of captured images to rotate in space, a moment your guest will remember forever. We proffer a fully branded 360-photo booth experience using augmented reality photo booth technology. Guests can even share this still moment in their social media in seconds.

Teleport Photo Booth

This photo booth is a total game-changer for all of your future events. Not only it is super compact but it is portable too, so this booth can be set up practically anywhere. We also proffer guests with a plethora backdrop options that gives the opportunity to make any backdrop for their photos, be it glitter, hand painted, ribbons or fabulous wallpaper. Our Photo Booth Rental Company provides green screen capabilities also; means apart from opting for your backdrop one can design one online. The green screen makes it possible to teleport your guests anywhere in the World. Moreover, guests can instantly share their photos from our booth with friends through texts or posting directly to your social media accounts or can make your own GIFs with friends.

Santa Photo Booth

Santa is always a big boom with the kids, but adults too pose for their pictures with Santa and that is where the Santa Photo Booth comes into play. The Photo booth for events designs large groups to get high-quality images while standing in front of a silver backdrop. The backdrop makes it possible for custom backgrounds to be displayed via unique green screen innovative technology. A photo booth combined with Santa is a powerful combination that will generate revenue in your events throughout the entire holiday and it will increase interest on photo booth rental Dubai when the holidays are over.

Hologram Photo booth

Dubai Photo Booth designed a traditional Hologram photo booth that creates actual holographic doubles and captures your movements to a tee that you can see live right before your eyes. As you and your guests dance and pose in front of the screen, you can instantly see an accurate and hilarious representation live on the display. This fabulous widget creates pictures, videos and even GIFs, so you and your guests can share your hologram experiences on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep the grin going long after the party is over.

Masquerade Photo Booth

Photo booths at parties and receptions are fun, and props add to the entertainment and a glamorous mask prop for your party photo booth is even more exciting. At Photo Booth Rental Dubai, classic Masquerade photo booth provides masquerade mask for those who don’t have time to create your own mask, clicks funny pics, and entertain your guests all night long. So, we should spread the word about this trendy, time-savvy event amenity- Masquerade photo booth.

Underwater Photo Booth

Dubai Photo booth has also set up an Underwater Photo booth designed for use at pool parties, resorts, cruise ships, water parks and any other water-based guest experiences. Yes, that’s right- underwater! The booth itself is a beauty to behold. Guest can see themselves on underwater live preview monitors by clicking underwater button to snap their picture just like taking a selfie. Using augmented reality photo booth tool, photo filters can be applied and snaps can be printed instantly. Guests can also post their photos live in social media or text to themselves.

Fire Photo Booth

Our Photo Booth Rental Company photographer stands right behind the lights and captures the snaps or videos of the guest posing in front of the Fire Photo booth. Guests are free to move around, pose down, act funny or sexy and can use huge selection of different props. Behind them is a classic or black background. Photo Booth Dubai also provides you serenity that your guests of all ages will have a great time at the event.

3D Photo Booth

3D photo booths produce three-dimensional digital model of a guest from a variety of positions using four standard digital cameras mounted to a tripod. The model is then subsequently 3D printed as a tiny, keepsake bust. The scanning process is automated and takes under two minutes from start to finish. It is beyond digital photography, as through augmented reality photo booth technology creating a 3D image of yourself is just amazing. It’s inexpensive and stupidly fun to make. Now your guests can be a part of the action at your next photo booth for event with our multi-camera photo experience.

Gif Photo booth

GIF photo booth is a digitally super cool version to any event. GIF booths capture images like a photo booth and animate them for you to enjoy. Through multiple filter options you can chose your digital GIF file and share via Email, Facebook, or Twitter. It’s a great option for anybody looking for a little different then a photo booth at an amazing reasonable price.

Boomerang Photo Booth

The Boomerang Photo Booth on rent in dubai turns the simplest movements into a hilarious sequence of photos processed in super quick time. The burst of photos that then turn into a 2-3 second GIF that plays forwards then backwards, can be shared as a short clipping or film on Facebook, Twitter, Email and SMS. Boomerang photo booth rental dubai provides a digital photo that can be customised to fit your brand or campaign and include present text for social networking websites.

Mirror Photo Booth Rental

The Mirror Photo booth rental is the latest concept launched in 2016 and is widening the nation. It is a unique photo-generating product offering the latest technology in interactive picture taking. This glamorous selfie mirror captures full length photos of sleek design while communicating with guests through a touch screen of colourful animations and entertaining voice guidance. Party goers strike a pose and eight seconds later receive a 4×6 full-length photo that you can share in your social media platforms. You can also customise your snaps using the on screen paint pad. Stand as close or as far away as you need to take fit as many people in the picture as possible. So why not contact Dubaiphotobooth.ae and hire mirror photo booth rental company for any special event displaying a ton of flair and excitement! Our mirror photo booth brings together your photo booth for events guests and customers in an incredibly unique way with our high-energy attendants certainly making the mirror booth a full size memory maker.

Magazine Photo Booth

Seeing your face on a magazine cover is the most exciting experience as you will be the celebrity on the magazine that also of your choice. Photo Booth Rental Company created Magazine Photo Booth, a perfect photo booth on rent for a lasting memory and souvenir for your family, friends and guests. It is ideal for malls, shopping centers, resorts, amusement parks, weddings, parties and fund-raisers. Photo Booth Dubai packages and picture quality ensures to leave your guests with a smile.

Augmented Reality Photo Booth

Augmented Reality Photo Booth electrifies guests as their image is amplified with virtual 3D props over a large-screen display. The guests operates the photo booth on rent using hand gestures to create an amazing photo. Guests stand in front of the open-air photo booth, move and interact with virtual 3D fun prop animations as if they are real objects. These visual images appear on a large monitor after uploading onto the photo booth screen.
Through this tech-tactic party photo booth, guest is able to switch through the random props by raising their right hand above their head. The Augmented Reality Photo Booth allows the user to remove and replace the background without the need of a physical green screen backdrop. Guests can position themselves anywhere in the world with virtual props on them.
When the guest is ready to take their photo, they simply raise their left hand and motion to select the camera or video icon. We the Dubaiphotobooth.ae can fully customise the snaps overlay with your customised graphics, and even create 3D models that relate to your event or brand. In addition, a brilliant Augmented Reality images can be shared in social media as well as being automatically printed with your logos and call to action.

If you are thinking about or planning to have a photo booth for events or at your wedding, please contact us at Dubaiphotobooth.ae. We look forward for the opportunity to entertain your guests with the variety of photo booths according to the events and quality your guests deserve. If a photograph is worth a thousand words, then let the Dubaiphotobooth.ae be the author by writing a marketing masterpiece for your event.

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