Reasons for you to opt for continental tyres

There is a huge variety of vehicle tyres having different features. Though all tyres have the same function that is to enable a vehicle drive, but continental tyres have excellent features. Different online and local shops provide tyres, but continental tyres in Abu Dhabi offer more benefits. The biggest benefit of these tyres is to provide safety but the benefits don’t end here.


Awesome Braking


You can brake safely with continental tyres because they come up with an innovative design. Every year, the new models of continental tyres come up with high-end braking features. The tyres do not easily stop because of puncture instead you will have some time to fix it. People trust these tyres because of the braking technology they have.

Proven Safety

The tyres were not in the marketing just after manufacturing; instead, the company tested them in terms of safety to ensure efficient driving, safety, and suitability. Special expert engineers test the tyres in the high-tech labs and ensure when they are ready to sell. The experts check the strength of the tyres for various roads and for all weathers. The testing helps drivers have a safe ride even on the hardest roads.

Automated Testing

The company is ahead of time in tyre testing because it uses automated testing as well. The test goes on various areas, including the ice land, dry or wet roads. The braking ability involves a new technology so the drivers can drive their vehicle in any weather.

Original Components

The continental tyres available in Abu Dhabi are made of original components and they are genuine, unlike other replica tyres, so you can trust this place. The tyres meet premium standards, including handling, good speed to various braking levels like dry and wet braking, comfortable, noiseless, and the mileage. You can also try bridgestone tires in dubai because they also come up with genuine parts.


The engineers go through 100 tests to ensure that the continental tyres are ready to move. The experts also ensure that the tyres are equally safe for all vehicles, including the car and van or something else. These tyres are not available just in Abu Dhabi, but almost every country in the world has continental tyres because they are distributed worldwide. These tyres have won several awards just because of their qualities. You can take good advantage of these tyres by further maintenance and can drive safely. Don’t forget to try continental tyres because they will never disappoint you.